Friday, 22 January 2016

2011 Hamann Hawk

2011 Hamann Hawk
2011 Hamann Hawk An engine bursting with power wrapped into an thrilling vehicle body design coloured in Everose Gold. The Southern German expert for distinctive vehicle refinement, Hamann Motorsport, turns the wing door Mercedes SLS AMG into the Hamann Hawk with new plumage and significantly sharper talons.

Already in its basis model, the SLS offers a significant engine output. But the Hamann engine department puts a few extra power reserves into the V8 engine. The middle part of the power enhancement is the high-performance exhaust gadget produced from titanium. In aggregate with new manifolds, sports catalysts and a sports activities air filter out, this machine additionally renders the earthy and effective sound of the 6.2 litre combination. The additives are precisely adjusted with the assist of a new engine feature map for motor electronics. With a top overall performance of 636 hp / 468 kW and a most torque of 680 Nm at four,850 r.P.M, the Hamann engine precisely meets the wishes of its sports activities bold customers. The overall performance more desirable wing door car provides first elegance measures. In race start mode, the two-seater quickens from zero to a hundred km/h in most effective 3.6 seconds and with a top pace of 320 km/h, the Hamann Hawk also surpasses the basis version.

The superior using performance is matched with a striking look and aerodynamics tested inside the wind tunnel. The Hamann Hawk the front apron replaces the serial bumper and because of its shape it reduces the uplifting forces at the front axle. Larger air inlets in connection with a new LED lights unit deliver the 2-seater an excellent more dynamic look. In addition, the enlarged air inlets provide better get entry to for the engine's extended need for fresh air. Subsequently, the air is drawn out of latest bonnet fabricated from checkered flag carbon. Striking wing, 60mm on every the front aspect and 70mm on each rear facet, already render an impressive look even whilst the auto has not began moving but. Side skirts make the two-seater appearance moreover lower and greater stretched and underline the rims. In order to perfectly stability out the downforce of the front- and rear axle, Hamann offers the SLS a rear wing also made from checkered flag carbon. The new rear apron with the diffuser complements the air waft under the bottom of the car and offers room for 4 huge end pipes every measuring ninety mm in diameter.

In order to flawlessly integrate consolation and manage, Hamann makes use of the single-element, in particular light solid wheels "Unique Forged Anodized" in 21 inches. These are geared up in 9Jx21 with tyres measuring 245/30 ZR 21 at the the front and 12.5Jx21 with tyres measuring 345/25 ZR 21 on the rear axle.

The coilover kit has been specifically refined for the Hamann Hawk. Equipped with 4 top-adjustable dampers and 4 steadily wound springs, the centre of gravity can be lowered through up to 30 millimetres.

Hamann entirely redesigns the interior of the SLS and turns it into a VIP lounge with motorsports characteristics. Most delicate leather-based and extremely-suede, programs and embroideries update the serial indoors. Hamann moreover adorns the air inlets, door sill protectors and centre console with checkered flag carbon. Black anodized aluminium pedals render a secure grip. The technical highlight of the brand new indoors is the brand new steerage wheel which has been ergonomically redesigned.

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